When is it better to hire freelancers and when full-timers?

There are many pros and cons of hiring both a freelancer and a full-time worker. If you are a type of employer who only hires contract workers and freelancers, you could be missing on some of the valuable opportunities of hiring a full-time worker. Stable and reliable staff can help your company grow faster. On the other hand, hiring a full-timer can have detrimental effects on your company if that worker proves to be irresponsible and uninterested in doing their job. Before deciding on hiring either of these workers, make sure to study the details of these employment structures.

By hiring a freelancer, you oblige to pay them a certain price for the work their do. Your company can benefit from hiring people only when you need them in terms of saving money on full-time workers. Freelancers benefit by earning more money, at least in a short-term, because they can fill in the gap that a company requires at any point of time, without waiting for a full-timer to appear.

Also, freelancers offer a unique quality in a certain field that scarcely any full-time worker can – various work experiences. You can hire a contractor that has experience in a similar field as you company has and he/she can give you insights into the best practices and current trends and technologies that can benefit your company.

On the other hand, full-time workers tend to show dedication to their employers, can put in a good word for the company in the social circles and work for the long-term benefit of the company. They tend to stick around for a longer period of time, unlike freelancers. They have a sense of community and nourish family-like relationships within the company.

Another thing regarding a full-time worker is their work hours. While with freelancers decide on their own times when they can dedicate themselves to work. You can count of full-time workers to do a certain task within their work hours; yet you cannot persuade a freelancer to do something for you when they do not feel like working.

Have in mind the following things when hiring both contractors and full-timers:


  • Employees usually have training in the field they work, freelancers don’t.
  • Freelancers invest heavily into the tools they need for a certain position, meaning they probably have better resources to do a task faster than full-timers.
  • Contractors can work in groups, resulting in a faster task doing.
  • Full-timers are there for your company exclusively and are expected not to mingle with the competition.


The conclusion could be that a hybrid approach to business works best, i.e. Hire bothe contractors and full-timers if you want your company to flourish.