Rigged machines in casinos – truth or myth?

The biggest fear of many players, either playing poker in a casino or signing up online to play casino games at some of the game sites on the Internet such as Greenplay.com, is if it is safe for them to play using that site’s services. After all, no one wants to play the game with people who planned in advance how to disables us to win.

Casino games and online gaming sites are designed to be a real business. The goal of the casinos is to receive the income from the customers by subtly making them come back and invest more money in the game. Their idea is to make the customer enjoy the game, so they have to enable the players to feel safe and protected. There are certain rules that are applied during the games in order to ensure they are run according to the law.

Trying to reach their goal of making a big profit, casinos can’t let every player win every game and earn money. Many people start to believe that the games are rigged. There is a program installed in the casino machines that is responsible for not returning more money than the players put into them, and it might somehow be unfair and immoral. There are some beliefs that wins are planned in such a way to keep people playing. For example, if some players who are not so lucky win a game, this will lead them to play more and invest even more money.

The casino games have a mathematical percentage that ensures the casino will always get more money than it can lose. But, the chance of winning money depends on the skill level of the player. The mathematical analysis also ensures that money players win from the games will not increase over time.

Online poker sites are being rigged in such a way that there is a person who serves as an observer who can see everything that happens in the game, like other people’s cards and share his knowledge and findings with the player whose turn for playing is next.

There are some psychological tricks used when pokies are considered. “Losses disguised as wins” is one of them. Namely, the customer can spend for example $15 on one line, or spin. Then they press the button and get a few matching symbols on the screen. After that, there are visuals, such as flashing lights, stunning sudden music and they get the information they have won $5. However, the truth is they have lost $10. This feeling of winning activates pleasure and happiness centers in our brain, and we lose the ability to reason adequately.

Some people working in a casino say that in the past, changing out a slot machine was a complicated operation and requires opening it, and replacing the computer chip placed inside. This process took a lot of time and could cost a lot of money. Nowadays, everything is eased by the technology. You just have to select the program.

Before planning on investing a lot of money on machines in casinos, think twice about the sum you are planning to win and the sum you are willing to lose, and be wise.