Nestle Chocolate Makes Headway with New Product

Who doesn’t love Nestle chocolate? It’s loved around the globe for its amazing taste and it’s so popular, they keep coming up with new ideas to make. However, this time they have taken the game to the extreme. As pretty as it is tasty, we welcome you the Ruby Chocolate Kit Kat. Yes, that’s right, it’s a red chocolate full of decadent and sheer beauty.

Where Can You Get It?

The company has launched a new product in Britain. From April 5, you can get it for a price of 85 pence (1.20 US dollars) at the Tesco stores. After the successful launch in the UK, the new KitKat will be introduced across Europe and both Americas. The next European country to get the new product will be Germany as the spokesperson mentioned but details on the rollout weren’t presented.

Up until today, the chocolate available to the public counted three kinds: white, milk and dark. Barry Callebaut presented the fourth variety called Ruby. It took decades of development and it’s been just over 10 years since we saw a new kind of chocolate being created.

What caused the need for this kind of product? The contents of food people are eating gets a lot of attention in recent years. This caused an increase of need for natural, organic and overall healthy products. For this reason, Ruby chocolate contains natural color only and is abundant in fruit contents and aims to achieve great taste.

Ruby has been selling since January but you could only get it at KitKat Chocolatory stores. It kept disappearing from the shelves within 30 minutes after being on sale during the first week. Many consumers are still visiting the stores to get a taste of this great new product.  Alexander von Maillot, who is the global head of confectionery at Nestle said that he is very happy with how the launch in January went in both Korea and Japan. The Ruby product launch might be successful, but the long-term predictions are still hard to make.

What is it Made of?

The new Ruby chocolate contains ruby cocoa beans. This is the first kind of chocolate that uses this kind of beans. They have natural pink color. The taste itself shouldn’t be either sweet, milky or bitter. The biggest exporters of ruby cocoa beans are Ivory Coast (who produces 1.8 million tonnes), Brazil and Ecuador. They cover most of the global market.

This new chocolate bar is expected to be available in most regions by the end of the year. Even though its price is a bit more than milk or dark chocolate, it is set to become one of the most desirable guilty pleasures.