How Technological Inventions are Changing the Business World

Since the time when the steam-powered machines were around the world, the revolution has only been speeding up. We have arrived to the year 2018, a place where the technological inventions are at the peak of their influential power over business. These are some of the recent inventions that are disrupting the business world.

Fast Transportation

Nowadays, taking a plane from the UK to Greece and then to Italy and Spain is not a big deal for any business person. But just in the last century, that speed and ease of travel was just not available to many people, if not to anybody. Travelling from continent to continent could take up to 3-6 weeks, while now it takes around one day. We can safely say that in the near future this might get even faster as technologies such as Maglev trains in Japan. These are hitting speeds of just over 600 km/h. They need about 2 kilometers to achieve that speed.

Social Media

Social networks of the world didn’t even exist just twenty years ago. Nobody could imagine how much they would influence the business world and the everyday lives of millions of people every day. It turns out that people really enjoy connecting and following each other as well as following the companies they are excited about. It is safe to say that the business world has never been more connected. This gave birth to consumer data analytics which companies are using to improve their products and bring better decisions about the refinement of the future itself.


Cellular networks have been around since before smartphones but now they have received a huge upgrade: they can hit very high speeds. Accessing data on the internet has never been this quick. With this improvement, the business had to step up and evolve to take advantage of this opportunity. Cloud computing and the apps’ abilities to be always connected has served well and information technologies have opened up many new fields for businesses to compete and flourish.


Software development and robotics of today are two very important industries. Business is relying on them more and more. Production processes have been optimized and continue to be optimized to achieve better cost efficiency. Making machines work instead of humans have cut the costs, sped up the production and made profit margins higher. This is a positive direction for business in the world to take.

In conclusion, the future looks very inviting to the business world. Just watch as we witness the birth of 4G network on the moon and the first humans on Mars. What kind of business opportunities will space exploration open? Only time will tell. We are going to see many new inventions as researches introduce more ways to improve today’s infrastructure and pave the way for a better tomorrow for all of us.

The business world has a lot of reasons to change, no matter what direction companies take, nothing seems to be out of reach.