Gerry M. gives Miami Club Casino a run for their money

Whoever said you cannot win anything in a casino is about to be proved wrong! Some days ago, a fearless Texan man went double or nothing in Miami Club Casino! Gerry M. from Dallas has silenced the entire casino when he won $45 000 on May 3rd.

It is a well-known fact that the colors on the flag of Texas represent bravery, purity and loyalty. If anybody ever questioned the fearlessness of Texans, they were all proved wrong when Gerry M. Went double or nothing and won huge! Gerry saw the opportunity and took it. Gerry was a beginner in the gambling business – namely, he had just opened his Miami Club account and had played only a few times, mostly on jackpot slot games. He used to play a lot of casino games, but Miami Club’s WGS games were completely new to him.

On May 3rd, Gerry decided to risk it all by playing the new Ultimate 10X – a three-reel slot machine, which is a part of WGS WILDX series. The WILDX series has been designed to give gamblers access to a classic slot machine experience while allowing them a big multiplier on the pay table. Gerry placed 40 bets and won a few times. The winnings were not that big, yet Lady Luck was on his side. When he was on his 41st spin, with only $400 on his betting account, it struck him – the machine showed a single $ sign together with two 10X WILD symbols. His win of $225 quickly turned into a $22 500. Thanks to the lucky 10X symbol, Gerry became the most fortunate man that evening!

Yet, Gerry didn’t want to stop there! It was high time to put the Texan bravery to a test! The new Ultimate 10X gives players an opportunity to bet on any win. Players spin a wheel and either go home broke or double the entire amount of cash they have won up to that moment. The Gamble button makes it possible to go big or go home – Gerry decided to go big! He hit the button, hoping for another miracle – and it happened! Instead of previously won $22 500, Gerry had $45 000 on his account! He didn’t think twice – maybe if he did, he wouldn’t have pressed the Gamble button.

However, when he spoke about his huge win, Gerry was quite relaxed. He thought of the money he won up to that moment as not being his money, but still the house’s money, and he said to himself “whatever works”. The money wasn’t in his pocket yet, so he could have gambled the entire stake. He had a good day – if he didn’t, he would be just another player left without anything! Even the manager of the Miami Club Casino commented on Gerry’s bravery, saying that it was one of those rare moments when everybody wished they could have held their breath in anticipation, and then cheer when they see a positive result. He who dares, wins is a popular saying, and Gerry surely confirmed it. He said that he had a lucky day and that he should definitely continue gambling in the Miami Club Casino, but with extra precaution – no big bets and a special stack of money just for gambling.