Fastest-growing companies right now

Are you looking for companies with stocks for sale, that are likely to bring you a huge profit? You might want to find out more about fastest-growing companies and look into their growth during the last few years. Take a look at our list of big companies all around the world, you might find useful information for your trading business. Remember to always check the latest reports on stock changes and share prices before you invest your money in a company.


The social media giant, Facebook, has broken all the records when it comes to the growth during the last year. Although it did have a fall in the past few months because of the controversy with Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is, once again, back on track and hitting the top of the market stocks – it is back above its 50-day average. Statistics report a growth of 83% compared to the last year’s 77%.



Being a leader in GPU computing, graphic cards designs and revolutions, and, more recently, in the era of artificial intelligence, a guru of self-driving car technology, Nvidia has returned to the lists of fastest-growing companies, after a recent fall. Over the last three quarters, statistics report a growth of 81%.



One of the most popular social media sites in China, Weibo, proudly hosts 411 million monthly active users. Share prices had risen an unimaginable 115% over the previous year and 17% in the last two weeks. Chinese microblogging platform remains on the top of the lists with a growth rate of 282% over the last three years. Their earnings doubled, and the company posted a 76% yearly sales jump.

BlackBerry Limited

BlackBerry Limited, a Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company, is rapidly becoming a major player in its business sector. Their stocks are currently under 20$, however, their growth is amazing. Their earnings are expected to expand at a rate of 19% over the next three years, making them a Strong Buy candidate for sure.

Sigma Designs, Inc.

An American public corporation for designing chip semiconductor technologies for set-top boxes, DVD players, HD TVs, digital media adapters etc. Being another company with stock prices under 20$, Sigma Designs are expected to expand their earnings during the next quarter, according to the statistics.


Chinese Internet company for offering advertising, a search engine and online multiplayer gaming platform, Sohu, has a positive short interest, meaning, if you invest now in their stocks, your earnings will certainly grow.


A leading international supplier of infrastructure exchanges to the financial, insurance and health-care industries, Ebix, reported a growth of around 4 million dollars in Q4 of 2017. Statistics report that their earnings will continue to grow over the next few months, as they are expanding their area of work to India and Latin America.

Royal Dutch Shell Plc

Being one of the biggest players in the global energy markets, Royal Dutch Shell Plc has a $262 billion market cap. Now is the perfect time to cash in their stocks, before their price starts to rise, because the company is delivering a dividend of 6%.


Twitter’s shares will continue their growth that started last summer. The company’s latest report on April 25 stated that the earnings of 16 cents per share beat the estimate of 5 cents, with a 21.3% rise in revenues.