Could a New Payment System Make a High-Roller’s Life Easier?

While many presume it’s all about luck, algorithms or even how much software favours the house, when placing a bet in an online casino, one of the biggest challenges actually has nothing to do with any of these. It’s about ways to deposit money in order to be able to play in the first place.  People are mostly unaware that many banks block money transfers to and from online betting companies by default – a prudent precautionary measure, one might say until legitimate deposit attempts begin being blocked as well. Thankfully, a solution seems to have been found, and one of the high-rollers’ biggest concerns might soon become a thing of the past. Additionally, using benefits such as the Dublinbet Bonus Code to help you when starting out in a new casino will become much easier.

Enter: Wyrz, an expanding, fast and reliable secure payment solution for players looking to bet their e-chips.

Wyrz is a virtual prepaid Visa® card which acts like any other card of its type, allowing users to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted online, along with some small, but significant distinctions. First of all, naturally, Wyrz does not (wish to) block online casinos or any betting companies. Second, if your regular debit or credit card is not accepted directly, and your favourite betting company is a Wyrz partner, you are seamlessly redirected to a Wyrz portal with an offer to buy a prepaid card immediately, no additional fees or charges attached. While it might not seem like much at first, skipping a few complicated steps on his way to unimaginable riches might just be what your friendly casino-loving neighbour needs. Or, as Justin Lunny, CEO of Wyrz, said, “Wyrz will further enhance player satisfaction, helping remove friction from the account funding process which at present can be frustrating.”

Basically, you get an intermediary which bridges the block set by the bank by setting itself up as an entity trusted by both the bank and the casino. After you transfer the money from your bank account to your Wyrz account, which is a single additional step in the process, all that is left to do is pass it on to the casino. After a couple of nights – presumably you’re very rich – you want to withdraw your hard-earned money? No problem, just withdraw it to a Wyrz account, and you’re free to spend it just as you would regularly. You might even want to hit an ATM and feel the actual banknotes, and I wouldn’t blame you. Yes, that works too, but note that standard fees do apply here.

Wyrz is developed by Prepaid Network Inc, a fast-growing commercial company currently residing in and operating within the territory of the United States, looking to expand worldwide. It is an innovative payment solution company hiring expert developers with substantial experience, supporting leading EU-regulated iGaming operators. The current Wyrz Prepaid Visa Card issuer is the Metropolitan Commercial Bank (member of the FDIC). At the moment, Wyrz only accepts USD and respective conversion fees apply, but there are plans to expand the business globally.