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How to make a business plan


A business plan is a handbook for your business that frames the goals and details of how you plan to reach those goals. Everyone running a business writes a business plan to assign and keep track of responsibilities and performance of the people involved in the business, manage money spent for it and grow their […]

When is it better to hire freelancers and when full-timers?


There are many pros and cons of hiring both a freelancer and a full-time worker. If you are a type of employer who only hires contract workers and freelancers, you could be missing on some of the valuable opportunities of hiring a full-time worker. Stable and reliable staff can help your company grow faster. On […]

Customer satisfaction tips and tricks


In every business, customer satisfaction is a top priority. A key to success lies in establishing and maintaining a good connection with your customers. There are many tricks on how to keep your customers happy, and our list will present only some of them to you. Listen to your customers: Do not just acknowledge what […]

Common mistakes in social media marketing


Social media marketing is a key to success and obtaining more customers in today’s era of technology. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a big company or a small entrepreneur, you want your brand to be featured on all the major social networks. There are many ways to be successful in social media marketing, yet, keep […]

How professional gambling is done


Being a professional gambler is a dream of many young and not so young people. It is a desirable job, yet, you might find yourself asking: How to become a successful professional gambler and make a living out of that? If you want to avoid shady business and earn some money from gambling, read the […]