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Rigged machines in casinos – truth or myth?


The biggest fear of many players, either playing poker in a casino or signing up online to play casino games at some of the game sites on the Internet, is if it is safe for them to play using that site’s services. After all, no one wants to play the game with people who planned […]

What do bookmakers do when someone is winning too much?


Do you like to gamble, but you are unsure what happens if you win too much? Will you be able to retrieve the exact amount you won, in case that amount is “too big” for the bookmakers to cash out? Read the following article to learn more about the tricks that bookmakers use when someone […]

Gerry M. gives Miami Club Casino a run for their money


Whoever said you cannot win anything in a casino is about to be proved wrong! Some days ago, a fearless Texan man went double or nothing in Miami Club Casino! Gerry M. from Dallas has silenced the entire casino when he won $45 000 on May 3rd. It is a well-known fact that the colors […]

Loot boxes in video games are now illegal in Belgium


In video games, loot boxes or prize crates are a type of a consumable item that can be redeemed to receive other virtual items or help to advance through the game. Loot boxes have become highly popular over the last few months, because they sparked quite a debate on whether they should be considered gambling […]

Fastest-growing companies right now


Are you looking for companies with stocks for sale, that are likely to bring you a huge profit? You might want to find out more about fastest-growing companies and look into their growth during the last few years. Take a look at our list of big companies all around the world, you might find useful […]